Jumat, 12 Agustus 2011


TGIF! Well, I have passed this week with a full of happiness. And I'm now enjoying my new school life, with new friends, and new activities which aren't not bad at all. I am starting to love my new school, and I think it's working. 
A busiest week ever. Yeah I have survived from tons of homeworks, and tests which are always making me crazy. But hell happily, tomorrow's weekend. 

I have told you that I watched Transformers 3 last week right? The movie was freaking awesome, congrats to Michael Bay, you have attracted me again. 
Anyway, Optimus Prime still be my favorite, but bumblebee is just too sweet to forget. 

The best news from the bestest news is my mom finally bought a 'new baby', Canon D600. Hahaha *photos will be posted soon* Yeah hahaha new friend for Canon G11. At first, me and my mom were confused to choose between Canon and Nikon buuuuut when my mom went to camera store, Nikon DSLR was sold out so, there's no option anymore.

Okay, I'd like better to take a rest after this busiest weekdays;) So see you!

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